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Life Smile India
Life Smile

Is the world-leading information technology consulting, services, solutions and business / knowledge process outsourcing organization that envisioned and pioneered the adoption of the flexible global business practices that today enable companies to operate more efficiently producing better value. Life Smile integrates the most effective business processes, tools & quality standards to create best work practices. Regardless of the industry, Life Smile offers a flexible new approach to meet the IT services & solutions challenge for application to any of the following sectors - Communications, Energy, e-commerce, Retail, SMEs, Consumer Industries, Banking, Financing, Healthcare & Manufacturing etc...more
Life Smile India Affordable Low Cost Discounted Cheaper.
Life Smile

Offers modern education and training solutions with emphasis on imparting values, encouraging individual creativity in educational programs available in different streams. Life Smile uses advanced educational techniques and training modules that help in creating overall excellence in the professional eduacation programs through personalized skills development assistance. Life Smile offers e-learning programs with live, real time classroom online educational programs, pre-recorded e-learning based programs, self education modules and personalized solutions. Life Smile provides online free to access information on quality educational programs offered by best rated schools, institutions, universities.....more
Life Smile India Affordable Low Cost Discounted Cheaper Service Provider.
Life Smile

Offers world-class, cost-comfort healthcare services and solutions by pioneering work in providing personalized health care at home, online health care services, affordable health care gadgets e-shop, advanced diagnostics, global healthcare facilitation and discounted health insurance solutions. Life Smile provides online free to access information on modern health care gadgets & devices, health care facilities, professionals, health check plans in India and other services. Life Smile actively promotes holistic health care and alternative medicine and traditional / modern therapies by providing information on the practices & practitioners in India.......more
Life Smile India Affordable Low Cost Discounted Cheaper.Service Provider
Life Smile India Affordable Low Cost Discounted Cheaper.Service Provider
Life Smile India Affordable Low Cost Discounted Cheaper.Service Provider
Web Portals
Professional Info Tech, a Life Smile enterprise, provides online business services listing portals..
The popular online business listing portals serve as a web reference directories, relevant to specific professions, businessess and industries like Health care, Education, Finance etc. The business listing portals on diversified segments offer the related services provider organizations and individuals a web platform to promote their quality services to a wide online consumer base in a cost-effective manner and get conveniently connected with the service seekers and their targeted clients easily. The online listing web portals offer an effective promotional opportunity for individual professionals and companies in healthcare, education, SMEs, insurance, finance sectors, banking professionals, real estate developers etc...more

Life Smile India Affordable Low Cost Discounted Cheaper.Service Provider
Business Support Services
Professional Info Tech, a Life Smile enterprise, offers business support services for businesses..
The business support services offered are the live, real time web chat support services, phone support services and email support services to large, medium and small business organizations. The business support services are ideal for real time customer care services, technical support, billing support, operational support, sales, registration / navigation / help desk management, varifications, troubleshooting, complaints assistance and for handling inquiries etc. Outsourcing the non-essential and essential business support services to the highly experienced executives at Life Smile help in enhancing the work eficiency and cost savings translate in better results for businesses ......more
Life Smile India Affordable Low Cost Discounted Cheaper Service Provider
Life Smile Health care education Information Technology India
Life Smile Health care India
Life Smile offers data management for outsourced secure data services including online data entry, offline data entry, web data mininig - online data mining, offline data mining, offline data capture, web data extraction, web to web data entry, information, retrieval, data collection and validation, web content filtering, database management, mailing list data creation, data conversion services in different formats, data analysis services and data security solutions. The data services and data solutions are processed using own secure servers with highest level of confidentiality, back up and assured data security....more
Life Smile offers outsourced knowledge processing services using modern infrastructure expertise and the specialty services of the best available industry professionals. Life Smile has the required expertise in the complex nature of work in knowledge processing which demands advanced analytical and specialized skills by definition, higher education and language skills specific to the domain of expertise are essentially delivered, for executing the knowledge processes the PhDs, engineers, doctors, lawyers, content writers, MBAs, project / web designers, & other specialists with formal credentials & long experience are essentially available......more
Life Smile Biotechnology India
Life Smile Information Technology India

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