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Back Office services

Professional Info Tech, a Life Smile enterprise, offers efficient and cost effective offshore Back Office outsourcing services and Business Process Outsourcing services to help in considerable reduction in the operational costs of the businesses, maintaining quality, alleviating risks and securing benefits through a structured approach. The business process outsourcing works the best when an business organization and the support service provider are able to complement their strengths to establish a strong relationship focused on value addition thereby achieving the goal of savings with high quality work.

Professional Info Tech as a BPO service provider offers the flexibility and proactive support necessary to establish this valued mutual relationship. With our operational practices strictly guided by quality processes and geared exclusively towards the client needs, we are able to effectively map our clients business processes and offer the best of professional capabilities in the following fields:

  • Transaction processing
  • Document & information processing
  • Online and offline database generation
  • Bill generation & processing
  • Business Processing (Fax, Web Forms, Emails, Scanned Images and Hardcopy)
  • Digitization of paper documents
  • Transcription of audio files
  • Data entry and conversion
  • Medical transcription
  • Medical billing


Professional Info Tech transcends the transaction-based approach to proactively carry out the back office operations efficiently thereby enabling your company to seamlessly deliver quality services to your valued customers. Under this ambit, our services cover wide variety of valued services- credit card verifications, processing of transactions, accounts receivables, alerts for direct mail campaigns etc.

Broadly, our back office services are categorized as :

Support Services for new business

  • Content Digitization services – Professional Info Tech provides content digitization services to help organizations from diverse industries such as publishing, libraries, museums and universities to address the challenges of archiving of historical documents, testimonials and newspapers.
  • Application processing support
  • Database reconciliation and applications
  • Account verification, confirmation and opening support
  • Mailer dispatch- bulk and individual
  • Account opening & administration support
  • Pre-screening / reviewing of applications and presentation in prescribed format
  • Writing and assembling of contracts
  • Document Issuance support
Administrative Services
  • Claims processing and data support
  • Account administration for different applications
  • Settlement support
  • Data processing / validation / applications
  • Dispute resolution support
  • Correspondence management support
  • Service changes
  • Documentation / records maintenance, safe data storage
  • Account amendments and audit checks management and support
  • Correspondence / statement generation
  • Customer data management
Finance & Accounting Services
  • Accounts reconciliation support
  • Payable accounts data management
  • Bills reconciliation support
  • Clearing and settlements management
  • Liability processing support
  • Processing of refunds
  • Adjustment and transfers management

For further information on the Info tech solutions, ITes and IT services offered by Professional Info Tech :


You are welcome to contact Professional Info Tech at: infotech@lifesmile.in


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