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Business Support Services

Professional Info Tech, a Life Smile enterprise, specializes in providing effective customer support that is inevitably integral to the success of any business organization. In the world of fierce business competition, survival is the keyword - which involves not only a vibrant and dynamic attitude while carrying out the business but also ensuring a flawless customer support service because no matter 100 or 10000- whatever number of phone calls or Emails you receive per day, just one missed phone call or an Email can be a missed business opportunity, and with Professional Info Tech you will find an inbound call center to be a professional and cost effective extension of your business. Professional Info Tech inbound call center services will cater to your customer support needs and our efficient answering service will also allow you to be confident when you are away from your office, not carrying the worries about your business ...knowing that all your calls and Emails are being answered promptly, professionally, and courteously by Professional Info Tech.

Professional Info Tech is the one stop solution when you think to outsource Inbound Call Center Services to India because Professional Info Tech offers communication services specifically designed to maximize the efficiency of your direct marketing efforts or to be a part of your technical support team.

Professional Info Tech provides a comprehensive, best-in-class, value-based outsourcing solutions that are built upon its professional processing expertise and people management expertise. To effectively deliver excellent quality of support service and guaranteed performance Professional Info Tech develops the quality parameters supported by an updated knowledge management and customer analysis in relation to specific requirements of a particular business. These parameters based on the buying patterns and behavior, continuously tracking and compiling customer feedbacks, frequently asked questions, average time to answer, calls offered, abandon rate and agent occupancy are always developed in close conjunction with our clients are critical in assessing performance, and, consequently, in enhancing customer satisfaction.

Professional Info Tech has best technology solutions that enable seamless transfer of calls and enable high quality of synchronous customer contact ensuring that the end customer receives a crisp and accurate response that meets the highest standards of style, accent, tone, spelling and grammar. Our highly trained professional executives will work together with you as a partner building a strong, successful long-lasting relationship with your customers.

Professional Info Tech customer support services center in India can offers skilled, professional, experienced customer support and technical service representatives helpful in a faster ramp-up, launch and roll-out of new campaigns and due to the vast experience of working in similar processes a rapid response to the market conditions with improved market coverage, enhanced reporting and analytical capabilities, account management expertise and remote call monitoring facilitation.

Professional Info Tech is committed to meeting your Service level agreement within the first week of the process launch, starting with the analysis of the customer queries and creating standard answers needed for all forms of support, including Emails, Web-chats and Telephone. Inbound call center in India can offer.

For further information on the Info tech solutions, ITes and IT services offered by Professional Info Tech :


You are welcome to contact Life Smile at: infotech@lifesmile.in


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