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Web / Tele Survey & Statistics

Professional Info Tech, a Life Smile enterprise, conducts statistical surveys which are used in many social sciences , marketing research, political polling, and official statistics. These paid surveys may be sent by market research companies to the panel members in order to conduct research for large companies. These surveys may be audience response systems that are used by various organizations to gauge public opinion on new products, commercials, television shows, motion pictures, politics, and electronic presentations. There are several ways of administering a survey, Professional Info Tech provides facilitation of surveys through following two methods using own infrastructure-

Online surveys

  • Can incorporate two methods- web or e-mail
  • Web is preferred over e-mail because interactive HTML forms can be used
  • Response rates may be as high as 90%
  • These are usually inexpensive to the administer
  • Provides proven fast results
  • Can be easily modified
  • Response rates can be improved by using panels

Telephone surveys

  • Response rates typically 25% - 50%, depending on audience and topic
  • Fairly cost efficient, depending on call charges structure
  • Good for large national or international sampling frames
  • Cannot be used for non-audio information (graphics, demonstrations, taste/smell samples)

    Telephone based survey are of three types:
    • traditional telephone interviews
    • computer assisted telephone dialing
    • computer assisted telephone interviewing

For further information on the Info tech solutions, ITes and IT services offered by Professional Info Tech :


You are welcome to contact Life Smile: infotech@lifesmile.in



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